Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crush on R E N E W | 52 Photo Project | Reno Photographer

1/52 R E N E W

We are kickstarting the first project 52 off with the renew theme. Share any of your creative projects with the renew theme on the Skye Snyder Photography facebook page or follow on instagram @skyesnyder and tag #skye52 so we can all be inspired from one another. 

When I think of renew, I imagine fresh beginnings and water. In the winter, we make our annual pilgrimage to hot springs to  cleanse and feel revived. We welcome the new year with snow falling on us and melting into the rich sulphuric hot waters of the pool. 
1/52 renew 1.12.14

Here are some from last year's great escape:

Next week's theme:
ORGANIC. Try to share on IG using #skye52 by Jan 19 or post to our facebook page, Skye Snyder Photography

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