Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crush on Project 52 | Reno Portrait Artist | Skye Snyder Photo

I've never participated in a Project 365 or 52 before. I've wanted to but fell to the "too busy" mantra of the daily grind. I dread, loathe the anxious adrenalin in which we propel ourselves into each day and onto the next. When I consider taking the time to conjure up photo ideas, to learn guitar, develop my
cooking skills, paint, a restless feeling of irresponsibility comes over me.  This obnoxious sensation is
Rick Vian's Maxim "Life Without Art is Stupid"
tough. I always fall prey to it.  With the turning of the calendar, there seemed no better time than to correct this wrong. It is indeed a wrong to deny ourselves the very things we love. They save us from the grind.

For 2014, I'm giving myself the opportunity to improve my photography and artistry by participating in a Project 52. I will concentrate on one theme a week for 52 weeks. I chose this over the 365 so I could concentrate on the quality of each theme's image.

I'd like to invite you to join me in this project. Even if you pop in only once in a while.

How do you participate?
Instagram: I'm @skyesnyder on IG. Tag the images #skye52 so we can all be inspired.
(I spend most of my social media time on IG-- I love the visual platform and the amazing communities that have developed there). Encourage your friends to participate.

Facebook: Skye Snyder Photography -  Label your image with the week's theme. Share the post with your pals and get lots of folks involved. The more, the merrier!

I'm looking forward to my personal journey with this and hope to see you on the path.

The first theme of the year is:
R E N E W  1/52

Post by Jan 12th to IG or FB. Have theme ideas? Please share in the comments below. To 2014 and to doing what you love.

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