Monday, January 25, 2010

GrassRoots ~ the story ~ Part I

Food saved my marriage. I even considered divorce.  What had once given me freedom was beginning to feel like a noose and it was getting tight, real tight.

And then I found it. A subject I admire; one I want to understand more deeply, respect fully. It started by happenstance. We had been chucking our lawn clippings from the summer and the leaves from the fall into a pile, too lazy to actually bag them and haul them to the curb. A few years of this practice and we finally decided to clean up our backyard. We discovered rich, beautiful soil colonized by the most magnificent Red Wrigglers. It smelled of the pinot I had fallen so madly in love with before I was married. It had the scent of life, the scent of living. We madly pierced the earth with our pitch forks and laid the soil to rest in our newly constructed garden beds. We felt proud. We shopped for seeds.

There is no chronology, no linear order of events to this story. As far as I can remember, moments have spiraled in and out and back again like the Blue Angel I watched as a child tumble through the sky.

to be continued...

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