Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GrassRoots - The Story - Part II

I had to make a timeline for a college education class--Social Studies: Lesson Plan:  How to Make a Timeline. Materials list = white butcher paper, pencil, markers, images (drawn, decopaged, or stolen from the internet). Objective = to chronologically account one's life over a timeline of historical events.
The class displayed their masterpieces, their lives of mini milestones dotted by pink highlighters and star stickers. I learned of their births, their first cars, marriage, and babies. I knew nothing more about them after this project than I did before. I was told by a classmate later that night that the teacher thought I "wasn't cut out for teaching". My timeline did not begin on my birthday. It began with one of the most powerful photographs I have come to know in our family's collection; Vietnam, 1970, there was my Dad with a gun pointing to his temple while holding a portrait of my Mom and brother. This was my beginning.

copyright © 2010 Skye Snyder from  GrassRoots by Skye Snyder

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