Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crush on Beginnings

With 2011 fast approaching, I thought it fitting to consider a photo challenge to kick start the new photographic year. Many people, pros and hobbyists, have undertaken the Project 365- a photo a day. After 365 days of observing your world like a photographer, it starts to look different.  There are many of these 365 days of___________.  Jotting down something for which you are grateful, eating a salad every day, spending $1 less than the previous day, etc and my MUST-DO List, dare I say, resolutions have started to flood in.
1) After photographing and/or editing for 365 days x undisclosed # years = stagnant or stale
    After photographing and/or editing for 365 days x undisclosed # years =  reinvent, reinvent, reinvent.
I'm shooting for the latter.
2) After viewing the i heart faces, self-portrait challenge, I realized that I have never done this. I always thought a self-portrait was one that the artist composed of him/herself. In the challenge, it appeared there were photos taken of a photographer by someone else. Do you think this is a self-portrait? #2 on the MUST DO: A true and intentional self-portrait. They are difficult. Focusing, composition, spontaneity, the self-reflection,  and the message. Tough.
* going to take one that doesn't have a black box in my face.
* way too grundgy. definitely doesn't say anything about who i really am. this is what i look like though.

3) Film my children more. play with moving pictures more. compile a short film. for me.

4) Become a better cook. I love food photography and the artistry of cooking but I'm really no good at cooking. Our families have furnished us with all types of culinary tools. So many, a special cupboard in the garage has been given to them. Watch out basil! I intend to use you up in 2011.

5) Hopefully, that cooking will lead to lots of food photo opportunities which leads to me photographing a food spread for my beloved, Sunset Magazine.

The list is much, much longer. It has to be in order to fulfill MUST DO #1. Reinvent. #1 is being tackled early and has been underway for the last 6 months. The reveal will happen soon.

Finally - Which would you like to see turn into a 2011 Photography Contest? Children? Food? Daily Life? Goals?

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