Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crush on Senior Portraits { High School Seniors in Reno Nevada }

One of my favorite types of sessions is the senior portrait. Every time I leave one of these sessions, I leave with a smile and think how my last couple of hours certainly didn't feel like work. Instead, I always have a great time with my seniors. I  really can't imagine ever tiring of photographing seniors. They are upbeat, willing, fun, adventurous...and just plain seem to lack the seriousness and rigidity of other types of sessions. Who would ever tire of this killer shooting combination? 
Here are a few from a session that I never had time to post. Meet Amanda and Isaac, high school sweethearts who wanted to do their sessions together.

super laid-back, genuinely sweet, all-american handsome kid


When I was photographing Amanda, I was constantly reminded of Greek sculpture. She has the same gorgeous lines as these classical works of art. In a world that's often too pumped up, make-upped, extra fluffed and fake,  I am thrilled Amanda let's her natural beauty shine through! Breathtaking girl who knows where she's headed. One day you may be staring into her eyes as she puts you into a deep sleep - a future anesthesiologist.
meet Erato the Muse of lyric poetry

  meet Urania the Muse of Astronomy
Our 2011 Senior Search will be posted soon. Follow the blog if you or someone you know would be interested in being a Skye Snyder Photography Senior Rep. Click the links below to see a Senior Rep Session sample.

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