Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the wedding photographer's saga | chapter two

Want to begin at chapter 1? the wedding photographer's saga | chapter one. 

chapter two
I was spun, so I began my wedding hibernation.
I deleted the wedding slideshows from the website, referred all incoming inquiries to other local photographers, and began to reconnect my relationship with people through the camera. 
Old and new portrait clients filled my appointment book; babies, bellies, their families, and lots of loving moments. By nature, weddings have lots of loving moments, but they are fast paced and extremely amplified; hence all the joyful tears and laughter. Portrait sessions are a relaxed kind of love. The kind we live on. Like oxygen, it's simply there and it sustains us. The kind we often take for granted. The photograph that hangs over the mantle reminds us of that life-sustaining love. 
As I photograph and catch up with my old clients, we discuss my wedding hiatus. I'm never eloquent about this, afterall, I probably photographed their wedding and wouldn't want them to think it was a dreadful experience. Quite the contrary. My clients' sympathetic assumptions that I was leaving due to the infamous Bridezilla creature couldn't have been more off base. I've never seen the beast. My brides and grooms are cool people.  Sure, they get emotional, overwhelmed, a little impatient at times, but not insane. So, it wasn't about them. 

Maybe I didn't want to leave the industry? What if it was something else that was causing my discontent? I decided to make a list and get to the bottom of it.

to be continued...

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