Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crush on Senior Portraits { Reno Nevada High School Seniors }

The end of the year is filled with filing and sorting and running into photographs that were completed for the client but I never got to share with you here on the blog. Yesterday, I shared why I love photographing high school seniors and thought I would give you some unseen shots. 
You may remember her from a past post. This particular shot was to be used in a photography challenge, but time got away with me. I missed the deadline and here it still sits on my desktop waiting its turn. The challenge was "smirk". I think Richelle nailed it!

I had a blast photographing Amy at her amazing family home. Thanks for letting me in on the inside jokes. And Sam, it was so { convenient ;) } for you to have been there! Thank you both for such a great day!
The black and white shot of Amy at the piano is one of all time favorite portraits.

I can't wait to meet the new Skye Snyder Photography 2011 Reps. If interested, check out this old blog post to get an idea. 

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