Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crush on Moving Pictures { joe + shannon }

Five years ago, Skye Snyder Photography added "& Videography" to our name. Joshua and I realized that videography was a missing service and one that works best as a team. Integrating photographic stills with moving film brought the love stories to life. I assisted Joshua as second videographer on his weddings and quickly learned that this was no easy transition from photography. Video plays by a different set of rules. 
I bought myself a palm-held HD camcorder and immediately felt more at home with the mobility of it. Joshua's pro video gear felt invasive and intimidating, a conflict with my comfort and style of photography. 
I made a promise to myself and included improving this craft to help reinvent my photography on my 2011 MUST DO LIST. After many frustrating hours with technical issues, I was determined to figure out these issues for myself or I would never really learn how it worked. I could have acquired a pilot's license for the amount of time spent but I am many steps closer to bringing an even better product to my clients. 
The Two Tublets was my first attempt at making a slideshow web-friendly and accessible using the free service by animoto
Today's feature is a little "stills film" made on imovie and made accessible through the free service, Vimeo. Gumball Rings was filmed on my JVC GZ-HD40, edited in imovie (despite my husband's, "Why aren't you using Final Cut?" protests from the background). It stars my upcoming summer bride and groom, shannon + joe, during their engagement session. 

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