Monday, July 11, 2011

Crush on Catching Up

So much has been happening around Skye Snyder Photography, Skosh, and our family and home that the blog and has been on the back burner. Let's do a quick catch up with some sneak peaks, contest winners, and some musical delights.

1) A behind the scenes video made by Sarah Rodriguez. You may remember her form this blog. Sarah captured the morning at the June Minis and made some seriously cute friends by pulling out a stash of bubbles from her car. I have half eaten cheerios and banana peels in my backseat. (The omitted advice from How to Win Friends and Influence People). I don't need Emily Post's Etiquette to know that a super big THANK YOU is in order to Miss Rodriguez for her assistance and talent!
Check out Sarah's characters page, Sarahsneak, on YouTube. Want to see skye snyder photography + videography = skosh? Visit our Vimeo page

2) We held a drawing for $25 skosh buck$ for those who commented on where they would go for a one-year Finding Yourself Retreat. Since, asking this question, I've been daydreaming of where and what I would do. Now, I've got visions of my family traveling to slower paced places while riding on the backs of dolphins. I think there is a book for that too...Island of the Blue Dolphin? 3 out of 3 mentioned books that I've never read. I've discussed my childhood introduction to my lifelong love affair with National Geographic before. Once again, I must mention the yellow papered dream maker. When I was a child, Africa and her people seemed just the right place for a photojournalist. With my Disc camera in hand, I held onto that dream job with my 8 year old hands. I've never made it to Africa....not yet.
I like Olga's idea. I'll add the eastern/southern hemisphere into my year long travels. $25 for Olga and for the random drawing.....drum roll...shake shake shake ........Crystal. Your name was chosen! Thanks for playing everyone! And let's do another. What is the thing that the names are sitting on and what do I use it for(besides a holder for my drawings)? Answer on our Facebook Wall or here in the comments. If you answer in both places your name will be entered twice. $25 skosh buck$ up for grabs. Will be chosen on Wednesday. Good Luck.
 (Remember, the buck$ are tallied on our Facebook page under the Notes tab on the left hand side bar)
 Because I think these songs are lovely and it would be a shame to not share:
Another BIG THANK YOU to everyone for being so patient as we get back on track here at Skye Snyder Photography and Skosh. :) And THANKS for kickin' around our pages and playing in our games. Emily Post would like that too. 

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